Half way there!

We're halfway done with The Shadow Box Theater's residency at PS 373. It's been such a joy working with the students. Every day is different and sometimes it can be quite a challenge. The kids have such big hearts, though. Even when they're upset or not wanting to work there's a sincerity that never goes away. They try to express themselves in the best way they know how and I consider it my job to meet them halfway and see what we can make together.

We've worked with making and manipulating shadow puppets. They decorated some really cool dinosaur puppets! Most recently we've been using sock puppets to practice everyday activities and games. We were able to employ "social stories" with them, using the puppets as a way to talk about interacting with each other.

Their regular teachers are very happy with the work thus far. They're told us that they've observed a marked improvement in the students social interactions and ability to communicate.

Soon we're going to start bunraku style puppets with them. I anticipate it's going to be challenging but I think they're going to rise up and learn alot.

I'll update my news feed when we get a confirmation on our gallery showing for all the work they've done!