Laser Beak Man rides again!

What a blast!

Dead Puppet Society just had it's third workshop for "Laser Beak Man". This time we had prototypes of all the major characters, we had new Australian cast mates, we had Sam our composer back in town, and the top it all off we had Tim Sharp, the creator of "Laser Beak Man" with us.

We spent the two weeks essentially conceptualizing the show. We went scene by scene and if there was anything we needed to make the scene work we would throw together some cardboard and Voila! we'd have what we needed. The group was really wonderfully collaborative and game to experiment together. I also think it was really special for Tim and his mom to see Laser Beak Man come to life. By the end of the two weeks we had a really solid idea of how the show will work and presented several scenes to an invited audience.

Now, funding, Nicholas and David will be working hard securing venues and funding so that we can make this show a reality! I can't wait!