Sexy puppet music videos

We had a weird fun time today filming a music video with some friends. headed by Dorothy Jame Loechel.

The music video tells the tragic story of a couple who can’t have sex because their dog is always watching. Needless to say, it’s a highly dramatic tale.


Puppets at NYU

I’m so happy I got to teach another puppetry course at NYU. Once again, I was teaching puppetry to the first years at the Experimental Theatre Wing. They’re such a joy to teach and I dare say I learn as much from them as they do from me. There’s such determination and creativity in the room.

Check out my new Teaching Page for more info on my teaching work

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Back to Persia

Feathers of Fire has swept through the West Coast! We got to perform in LA and SF, two cities I really love. The show went very and it was great to spend some time in the sun of LA and on the hills of SF!


Laser Beak Man flies high!

I'm writing this on my front porch in Brisbane, Australia as we're about to head in to our second week of performances. What a ride it's been! Finally, after three years of workshops, the production is up and running and I couldn't be happier. This is such a big show! We have flying orbs and a full stage of LED screens and 30 or so puppets so many silly voices and too many jokes. It's really been amazing to hear people's responses to the show. I'm most proud of the fact that, despite the huge spectacle of this show, audiences are really latching on to the genuine story that drives the whole thing. It's a very special show and I can't wait to keep doing it for the next two weeks.

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Ice Cream, Whiskey, Swimming Holes and puppets!

What a good month it's been here in Salem, NY. I've been up here for the month performing and assistant directing Mettawee River Theatre Company's production "Before the Sun and Moon". It's always so lovely to spend the summer here. The scenery is so beautiful. This year we had a big bull who kept wandering on to our property!

The show is going extremely well. The audiences up here are really wonderful. What more could you ask for?!

Ulisse in Potsdam

"Il Ritorno D'Ulisse" just performed in Potsdam, Germany and for the first time I performed all the performances. Up to now I've been splitting the role of Ulisse with the originator, Basil Jones. It was a great pleasure reuniting with this company of incredibly talented musicians, singers, and puppeteers. I feel lucky to be a part of this production!

Back in time to Field Station Dinosaurs

I donned the tyrant lizard queen again for a couple of gigs at Field Station Dinosaurs. It was great fun running around and scaring (and tickling) the kids at Field Station: Dinosaurs!

Jon Riddleberger: High School Teacher

I had the privilege of leading three days of workshops for the advanced theater class at my alma mater, Chatham High School. It was such a weird time warp stepping back in to those halls. But the kids were lots of fun and we had a good time diving in to some imaginative puppet work. We learned the basics of Bunraku Puppetry, made moving landscapes out of found objects, and created scenes for our puppets to live in. I hope we'll get to do it again next year!

Sun Ra lives!

After several months of puppet building, planning, choreographing, singing, and child wrangling we finally saw PS 3 Bedford Village School's performance of "Sun Ra and the Seven Habits of Leadership" come to life! The kids did great. With very little rehearsal they strut their stuff on stage. It was a pleasure working with them all. What an amazing thing that this school spends time within it's curriculum to talk about and learn how to be leaders. Hopefully the kids walked away from this experience with a better idea of what a leader is.