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I hope this can be a resource to help you learn about me and my work. I’ve been fortunate to carve a life for myself in the arts and always love sharing it with others.

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Latest News:

Moon and Me for the BBC!

I spent the majority of last year puppeteering on the brand new BBC show "Moon and Me"! It was a really incredible experience and am so excited to watch the episodes as they air!

You can catch the show in the USA on NBC Universal Kids (when it airs in the mornings or streaming online) or on the BBC (when it airs at night or also streaming online).

For more about the show click the link below:

“Il Ritorno D’Ulisse” in Europe!

A the beginning of this year I had such a blast traveling Italy and France with The Handspring Puppet Company to perform in the Monteverdi opera: “Il Ritorno D’Ulisse” directed by William Kentridge. I returned to my role as Ulisse for the first time since 2017 when we performed the show in Potsdam, Germany. It was so great to get back on stage with all the incredible artists involved in the show!

For more about Handspring Puppet Company click below:


Top Secret Summer Project

The summer is shaping up to be very exciting as I’ve been employed for three months on a a new feature length film as a puppeteer.

This is my first big movie project! I know I’m going to learn a lot from it and I can’t wait to share what it is when I can!

Keep your eyes peeled for us filming around NYC until the end of August!