Il Ritorno D’Ulisse

This video compilation gives an idea of the puppetry and stage craft of “Il Ritorno D’Ulisse”. The show has been touring internationally for the past 20 years and I was fortunate enough to join this company of singers, musicians and puppeteers in 2016.

Feathers of Fire

I spent a bit of time on the road with the epic shadow show as a shadow puppeteer. The production was spearheaded by Hamid Rahmamian in collaboration with Shadow Light Theater. This is a little segment all about the show!


I play Shoelaces the pigeon in this short film made for the Sparrow Film Festival by Evening Squire Productions. The film follows a young woman with social anxiety who discovers that sometimes the answer to all your problems is a puppet pigeon.

One Take Oscars 2017

I had a blast working with Evening Squire Productions and Bizarro Studios on their yearly One Take Oscars video! This was a fun group of silly and talented folks making some one take magic!


I play the voice of Ethan in this animated musical short. Will Ethan ever give up wearing his beloved shark suit? How much longer will Daphne wait for Ethan to shed his skin? What’s with Taichan’s one arm? Find out the answers to these questions in Shark Suit: The Musical! created by Stephen P. Neary.

Moon and Me

This clip is from the very first episode of the new BBC show “Moon and Me”, the latest creation from Andrew Davenport, creator of the Teletubbies. I spent seven months with the show as part of the puppet team and served as puppet captain for four episodes.

War Horse Press Event

In this clip from a live press event in Birmingham, AL, I operate the head of Joey as we interact with a real police horse


Theater Reconstruction Ensemble

Although Theater Reconstruction Ensemble has come to a close, this company was extremely formative in my young artistic life. This video gives an idea of what the company meant to all of us.



In the silent western I play Rustee Bukket the alcoholic puppeteer. Follow the long journey west as Anne and David look for the perfect spot to start their theater company. With a cast of characters including Rustee and a mysterious renegade by the name of Stallion Ropeburn the duo must make their way to Montana in search of the perfect artistic haven. Will they make it or will they be eaten by dinosaurs? Find out in “La Rinascita Goes West”

(Bonus fact, the film was edited by yours truly!)