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Coming Up Next:

To Abu Dhabi!

I’m headed to Abu Dhabi for all of November to puppeteer in the 48th National Festival. I’ve been hired by Betty Productions to be a part of the stadium extravaganza working with puppets by A Blanck Canvas. I’m excited to explore the city!

For more on the festival CLICK HERE

Latest News:

Moon and Me is nominated for a BAFTA!

I spent the majority of last year puppeteering on the brand new BBC show "Moon and Me"! It was a really incredible experience and have beeb enjoying the episodes as they come out!

And NOW, the show is nominated for a BAFTA! It’s a huge honor to have been part of this show and so exciting that the immense amount of work and talent on this show is being recognized.

You can catch the show in the USA on NBC Universal Kids (when it airs in the mornings or streaming online) or on the BBC (when it airs at night or also streaming online).

For more about the show click the link below:

Laser Beak Man flies again!

I’m so thrilled to be working with Dead Puppet Society and Tim Sharp on the Australian tour of “Laser Beak Man”. This show has been a part of my life for the past four years and holds a special place in my heart. This September and October we are performing the show in Cairns, Melbourne, and Brisbane then in January we’ll be bringing the show to the Sydney Opera House and the Gold Coast.

For more about the show click below:

Clifford The Big Feature Film!

This summer I got to run around New York City with the new “Clifford The Big Red Dog” live action feature film. I was hired to perform all the reference puppetry for the dog himself alongside the likes of John Cleese, Rosie Perez, Jack Whitehall, Horatio Sans, David Allen Grier, our inimitable child stars Darby Camp and Izaac Wang, and many more! It was a fun summer filming all over the city and I can’t wait to see what movie magic they perform to bring this story to the big screen.

Click below to check out my first ever paparazzi photos!