Ulisse in South Korea

Well. That was a special time. 

I'm just back from Gwang Ju South Korea where I was learning a part in Hans Spring Puppet Company's collaboration with William Kentridge: "Il Ritorno D'Ulisse". It's a production of the Baroque opera by Montiverdi. The show is really beautiful. Each character is portrayed by a puppet operated by a puppeteer and sung by a singer. I was learning Basil Jones' part. 

We spent the time rehearsing and the time culminated in two performances. The company was a fun eclectic group from every corner of the world. It was a such a pleasure being surrounded by all that music and singing.

Gwang Ju is a funny little provincial town. I had a great time exploring on my bike. We hiked, went to markets, ate mysterious food, and had an all around good time.

I'm looking forward to performing the show at Lincoln Center in November and Potsdam, Germany in June 2017, and hopefully more gigs to be announced!