End of Year Review

I've been awful at keeping this News feed up to date. So we're going to fast forward to the present moment through list form. Here's a summary of the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017!

  • Puppeteered a skeleton puppet in a parade as an extra in the upcoming film "Landline"
  • Went upstate with Mettawee River Theatre Company to assistant direct their latest show "Before the Sun and Moon"
  • Took "Acting as Play" clown classes through the Funny School of Good Acting with the very wise and fun Gabe Levey
  • Continued to teach the residents at Special Citizens Futures Unlimited through Shadow Box Theatre Co.
  • Workshopped and performed Theater Reconstruction Ensemble's next show "How To Hamlet or Hamleting Hamlet" with The New Ohio Producers Club.
  • Performed "The Legend of Zahhak: The Rise and Fall of the Serpent King" with Hamid Rahmanian at BAM
  • Reprised my role as a Lord of Death at the "Procession of the Ghouls" at St John the Devine
  • Performed "Il Ritorno D'Ulisse" at the White Light Festival at Lincoln Center
  • Performed a remount of "Argus" for Lincoln Center Theater's Kids programming
  • Started teaching an after school puppetry course for 2nd and 3rd graders at Spence on the Upper East Side
  • Did puppetry workshops and consulting at Horace Mann Upper School for their all school production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • Helped make sets and props and performed in a "Oscars Academy Award Best Picture Nominations in One Take" all performed by puppets!
  • And Finally! Begin rehearsals for the full production of "How To Hamlet or Hamleting Hamlet" with Theater Reconstruction Ensemble which I will be cowriting.

Phew! And now! Onward!